The association's mission is to eliminate cultural divisions within our society by way and use of education, sports, the humanities, and communications. One CBW goal is the establishment of a large international network of artists that also share the same objectives.

By combining experienced artists with young novice artists, the association has created a "mentoring" type atmosphere. This insures us that future generations will continue the positive work and traditions that have been presented to them by CBW.

The collateral effects are improved quality of life, enhanced ability

and a more culturally responsible person. The CBW places emphasis

on the subjects of non-violence, education, the humanities, and

support for impoverished children. The association sponsors semi-

nars, workshops, public readings, concerts, dance performances,

and theater productions. The association has sponsored and partici-

pated in the African Diaspora Festival, Rob Lowe ad, Clear Blue Water Poetry Award, Global Youth Day, various Black History events, and also publishes the magazine, "Lookahere."


Our goal is to show through poetry, dance from the hood, rap and hip hop that we have many different opinions, ways of doing things, religions, aspirations, triumphs, and colors within us. There is no need to fear each other, once we listen, dance with, speak with and hear each other we start to bridge the cultural gaps between races, creeds and the age gap. We believe the mission of artist is, at least atempt, to eliminate the cultural divisions within our society by way and use of education, arts and communication.

By Combining experienced artist with young novis artist, we can only strengthen the connection between the ages. Hopefully not making the same mistakes we have made. This insures us that future generations will continue on with the positive energy and
traditions that have been presented to them. We hope to give the younger ones a feeling of self worth by presenting them with the opportunity to perform  before the community which should be and is an honor. The more experienced artist will be exploring, what makes us laugh, what moves us to act, what moves us to be money hunger, what is life like on the street. Streetculture is as important as ballet, modern dance, Opera, Bach and Beethoven. It influences many aspects of life from speech, shoes and socks, what's playing on the box , and how one walks and talks or the colors you wear.

This might sound high and mighty but love is in need of love
today. The break dancers will speak to you through dance , taking one through a  maze of feelings, dreams found and dreams lost. The poets will explore the reasons why. Of course letting you know what life is like through the eyes and ears of the African Diaspora community. Putting into words our joys, our fears, inspiration and forgotten aspirations."

Anthony Baggette

president, Clear Blue Water e. V.