Urban Arts Ensemble - poetry, music & dance

The Urban Arts Ensemble presents junior & senior artists, bridging gaps between cultures & generations by bringing them together on stage, performing & mixing nu styles. In cooperation with: institute for cultural diplomacy, bpb, joinarts, StreetUniverCity ->see video (28.2.)

_performers (BHM 2009)

poets/rap: Triston, Anthony Baggette, MaryinAction, MC Yosh, Missy Tight, Battlerap, Drob Dynamic, Vicky aka Miss Chilawee

urban dance: City of God, Moses
live music: Buba, Zam Johnson (drums/beat machine), Darnell Summers, Souleyman Touré & Afro Roots Live Band


Our goal is to express through poetry, dance from the hood, rap and music that we have many different opinions, religions, languages, customs aspirations, triumphs and failures and many colors within us.
There is no need to fear each other, once we listen, dance with, speak with and hear one another, we start to bridge cultural gaps. We believe the mission of artists is, at least attempt, to eliminate the cultural divisions within our society by way and use of education, arts and communication. By combining experienced artist with young novis artist, we can only build bridges and strenghen the connection between the us.

This insures us that future generations will contine on with the positive energy and traditions that have been presented to them. We hope to give the younger ones a feeling of self worth by presenting them with the opportunity
to perform before the community which should be and is an honor. The more experienced artist wil be exporing the reasons we laugh, what moves us to act, what causes us to look the other way, what life is like on the street.
Urban culture is a moving force that forces us to examine our culture and  values. It is as important as ballet, modern dance, Opera, Bach and Beethoven and maybe more so. Urban Culture influences many aspects of our life from speech, shoes and socks, what's playing on the box, how one walks, talks or the colors you wear, to the chemicals you put in your hair, and how could we forget the type of shoes you wear.

Where is the love? the breakdancer will ask: Urban dancin' one through a maze of feelings, dreams found and lost dreams. African American Culture has many faces and urban culture is a strong force and a positive force if you are not afraid of the truth. A smile is just a frown turned upside down but it's still the same face.

Production & Artistic Concept:
Anthony Baggette, Philip Marcel

Clear Blue Water e.V